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Sign in About AI Security Team Blog White Paper English en-EN Deutsch de-DE Español es-ES Francias fr-FR Italiano it-IT Português pt-PT Tiếng Việt vn-VN Türk tr-TR 中國人 cn-CN 日本語 ja-JP Sign in Apex One AI Make money on crypto pairs with Smart Farming technology Bitcoin $27,429.00 -0.87% Ethereum $1,829.66 -1.49% Binance $330.79 -0.07% Ripple $0.46 -2.42% APEX APEX Coin $0.28 +0.01% BNB Binance $330.79 -0.07% BUSD Binance USD $1.00 +0.05% BTC Bitcoin $27,429.00 -0.87% BCH Bitcoin Cash $118.84 -1.26% ADA Cardano $0.38 -1.64% DAI DAI $1.00 0% DASH Dash $49.91 -0.43% DOGE Doge Coin $0.08 -0.53% ETH Ethereum $1,829.66 -1.49% LTC Litecoin $87.88 +0.15% Earn Increase your income with Smart Farming technologies All you need is to choose a cryptocurrency pair and form an exchange pool. The artificial intelligence algorithms and quantum computing techniques, embedded in the platform, will help you to make money on the difference in the selected pair value. We have taken the best from competing cryptocurrency exchanges to offer our investors the best solution embodied in Smart Farming technology. Create Free Account Principles The human mind and artificial intelligence successful union Setting ambitious goals, we are guided by experience, the latest technology and common sense. Aware of all the new times challenges and risks, we look confidently to the future, and it is DeFi. The 10 principles of the APEX ONE AI Team We work for the community Being business-oriented, we remember that we work for people We see the value in any market trend We never panic, turning any trend into a profit We respect the laws of the market We respect the financial market and work with care We make decentralized systems available to everyone Each cent in the wallet must bring additional income We are open for collaboration We are always open for mutually beneficial cooperation We are human creative intelligence and AI, an alliance Responsible decision-making is based on data-driven thinking We use Big-Data to make the world a better place Being professionals already, we continue to learn from every case We boldly take on any challenge We face the boldest challenge head-on and respond quickly to changes. We respect the fair combat rules in competition Business is like a war, and we fight like brave soldiers, respecting the fair combat rules To be smart and friendly We are open to new knowledge and our hearts are open to new friends APEX ONE AI About the project We are professionals, an ambitious teaming the artificial intelligence technology and operations in the cryptocurrency market field. APEX ONE AI - Smart Farming technology embodies the human and artificial intelligence harmony, designed to help achieve maximum benefits for our clients. Our benefit Profitability Our benefit Secure and fast transactions Our benefit Risk Management Our benefit Comfortable environment Community A community for forward-thinking people At Apex One AI, the team's intelligence is compleme...
Project conditions:
Plans: 0.2275% - 1.2778% daily for 20 - 250 days (deposit returned)
Min. spend: $50
Withdrawal: Manual
Ref. program: 3% - 2% - 1% - 1% - 1% and up to 7% - 5% - 4% - 1% - 1%
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