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About Us Whitepaper FAQ News & Updates Community Support Log In Get Started 018148 Welcome to Cen-Trium A Tool for Your Financial independence Experience financial peace of mind: Sit back, Relax and witness your portfolio thrive with up to 198% returns in just 35 business days. Join the project Learn more 7 days online 711 partners 78537.33 total turnover + $1632.67 + $9631.10 - $273.39 + $435.61 Cen-Trium.app will be available on the Google App store in 0 days Cen-Trium.app will be available on the IOS App store in 0 days TrustPilot Widget Our PackagesYou can choose from 3 different investment options to suit your needs Basic This is our entry level plan with the shortest duration. Earn up to 133% in 15 business days. from $50.00 Get started Profit percentage — 2.20% Accrual period — 15 business days Accrual terms — Mon-Fri Capital returned at the end of plan Optimal Popular With our Optimal plan, You can Earn 160% in 25 business days. from $500.00 Get started Profit percentage — 2.40% Accrual period — 25 business days Accrual terms — Mon-Fri Capital returned at the end of plan Premium Coming SOON Premium, this pro package pays up to 198% within 35 business days. from $5000.00 Get started Profit percentage — 2.80% Accrual period — 35 business days Accrual terms — Mon-Fri Capital returned at the end of plan User Interface In the Cen-Trium dashboard, you can watch your funds grow and have full control over deposits, withdrawals, and transactions. Customer Support We provide top-tier support through multiple channels. You can reach our dedicated team via email and Telegram. Security and Protection We ensure the utmost security for your data and our website using high-standard servers and SSL certificate. Cen-Trium - Leading the way in Crypto and Forex trading Cen-Trium isn't just another trading platform; we're industry leaders leveraging advanced AI technology and cutting-edge algorithms to redefine your crypto and forex trading experience. Get more information How does it work? Our 3 key points that delivers success and satisfaction. Automation and artificial intelligence 1 AI-Powered Forecasting Harness AI's power for precise forecasts. Our algorithms analyze data to predict crypto trends. Informed decisions, reduced risks. 2 Robo Portfolios Fusion of tech and expertise. Diversified portfolios optimized for returns and minimal risk. Invest smart, stress less. 3 Instant Market Insights No delays, no missed chances. Systems adapt to crypto market changes. Stay sharp, seize opportunities. Explore now We work with the most popular currencies The currencies we currently work with are Bitcoin, USDT TRC20, USDT BEP20, BNB, Tron and XRP. You can get acquainted with the exchange rate and capitalization of currencies on the Coinmarketcap website. BTC bitcoin.org USDT tether.to BNB binance.com XRP ripple.com TRX tron.network Partners program Unlock the potential of Our 4-Level partner program and enjoy exclusive bonuses for achieving team turnover tar...
Project conditions:
Plans: 2.2% - 2.4% - 2.8% daily for 15 - 25 - 35 business days (deposit returned)
Min. spend: $50
Withdrawal: Instant
Ref. program: 6% - 2% - 1% - 1%
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Period: 2023-10-14 - 2024-10-14 (Registered on 366 days)
Left: 308 days
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