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Packages Affiliate Documents About us FAQ Sign in Sign up Trade Smarter, Not Harder! Get started Diverse Strategies, Defined Returns Your Trading Package, Customized. Rapid Return 0.35% A hour / for 360 calendar hours Get started with Rapid Return $50 minimum investment 126% return on investment ( ROI ) Balanced Boost Most popular 3% A day / for 33 calendar days Get started with Balance Boost $50 minimum investment 199% return on investment ( ROI ) Decentralized Trading Pools & Trading rewards Elevate your investment strategy with DigitalProxy trading packages, each granting access to specialized trading pools for diversified and strategic asset growth. Experience the thrill of success with DigitalProxy, where every smart investment translates into tangible rewards, accelerating your financial journey. Max Growth Packages Rapid Return Packages Balanced Boost Packages Investment Leadership Higher Ranks, Higher Returns. Amplify your earning potential with DigitalProxy by scaling up your investment in our trading packages, unlocking higher ranks that reward you with enhanced referral commissions and deeper, more lucrative team commission structures. Get started 1 Discoverer Personal depo...
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