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Presentation Marketing Partners Token TUNA Twitter Channel Chat Ecosystem Play Now Play Now Presentation Marketing Partners Token TUNA Socials Twitter Channel Chat Ecosystem Play Now TUNA Ecosystem Open Now TUNA = $0 True Smart Contract Catch fish, enjoy pleasant emotions and make a profit We give TUNA tokens for 1.5% of each deposit Add TUNA to Metamask Few Simple Steps You don't have to be a professional! Cast your line and watch the float, catch fish and earn money with pleasure! 1 Buy a fishing kits Buy a fishing rod, bait, a bucket and go fishing! Play Now 2 Sell your catch Sell fish and make a profit! PLAY NOW 3 Upgrade your gear Buy and hold TUNA tokens to upgrade your gear and increase your catch! 500 TUNA 4 Invite Partners Invite your friends to go fishing and get bonuses! Play Now Few Simple Steps FISHING TUNA - COIN Contract: 0x75adb3f6d788c344c409278263f70c5b60feb33a View BSC FISHING TUNA - GOLD Contract: 0x4496e50fb325dcfdd15544e543da6810f9d4420b View BSC FISHING TUNA - FAST Contract: 0x06c5f8d30daa7037e24c9e8c090e770917a402d2 View BSC Audit HazeCrypto Fishermens 0 Fishing 0 USDT Contract balance 0 USDT Days work 0 FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions Minimum and maximum investment amount, investment period and minimum withdrawals? minimum investment = $20 maximum investment = $500,000 investment period = until profit of 250% minimum withdrawals = $1 minimum reinvestment = $1 When and how often are profits accrued? Profit is accrued every 24 hours for each of your deposits. How many TUNA tokens do I receive when making a deposit? You receive 1.5% of your deposit amount in TUNA tokens in proportion to the current TUNA rate What is the TUNA token and what benefits does it provide? TUNA is a BEP20 token created with the support of the FishingTuna project. The token is open for trading on DEX and CEX exchanges. With the TUNA token you can increase your daily income on all your deposits. To increase your daily profit up to 1.6%, you need to hold TUNA tokens in your wallet from which you make a deposit: up to 1.2% - 100 TUNA up to 1.4% - 200 TUNA up to 1.6% - 500 TUNA Can I earn money with TUNA token? Yes, TUNA, like any token, is open to trading on exchanges. You can make money on the rise in the price of a token ( buy cheaper, sell more expensive ) Can I find out how much money is in the smart contract? and Where can I see it? You can monitor the balance of the smart contract using the link on the main page of the site. Do I receive bonuses for attracting partners? Yes, FishingTuna has 2 types of affiliat...
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