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Assets and Rates About Portfolio Get Funding Log In Sign Up © 2023 FoxpayInc. All rights reserved Assets and Rates About Our Vision APP Download Log In Sign Up FoxPayInc FoxPay brings youa different experience The most authoritative investment advice The world's top investors plan to share One-click follow-up investment, one-click investment, one-click harvest wealth Log In Sign Up Intelligent trading algorithm We offer superior AI trading algorithms to ensure traders consistency and profitability, depending on risk appetite, tolerance, portfolio size and market conditions. Access to wide in-house FinTech expertise and dev resources Integration with FoxPay’s core products and services Extensive marketing and community support Liquidity provision for partnering protocols More stable, more convenient, faster and safer With our excellent all-intelligent algorithm, you can get higher returns and a more stable investment model here than in other places. Bitcoin BTC 110.1% Tether USDT 101.5% TRX TRX 105.3% Ethereum ETH 97.5% BNB BNB 110.7% USDC USDC  96.2% Bitcoin Cash BCH 133.1% SHIB SHIB 114% DASH DASH 126.4% BUSD BUSD 113.8% Litecoin LTC 127.4% Polkadot DOT 98% DOGE DOGE 99.56% Ripple XRP 108% DAI DAI 93.1% Show more About FoxPay OUR VISION Since December 2022, we have been working on developing the best global exchange. Listed after nine months of preparation, we have a world-leading trading system that continues to set new standards with advances in neural network mathematics and methodology. However, for FOXPAY, this is just the beginning. We will continue to leverage our expertise in artificial intelligence and neural networks to create technologies that make investing faster, better and easier. What FOXPAY needs to do is to become a refined and agile data-driven financial technology company. We will not introduce a huge trading clearing room and bloated internal IT structure - we will only cooperate with trusted professionals and output the best results. Our Vision We will continue to provide the strength of high-quality intelligent asset management tools, so that all users can grow wealth faster on FOX PAY. White Paper AI Trading Intelligent trading algorithm allows all users to achieve wealth growth faster on FOX PAY. DeFi Innovation DEX’s, P2P platforms, and protocols, providing users with advanced solutions for greater financial autonomy. ...
Project conditions:
Plans: 1.0% - 2.7% daily forever
Min. spend: $10
Withdrawal: Manual
Ref. program: Up to 15% of referrals' accruals
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Domain:, LLC
Period: 2023-08-17 - 2024-08-17 (Registered on 366 days)
Left: 259 days
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Hosting: Cloudflare
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