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HOME NEWS AFFILIATE INVESTMENT FAQ SUPPORT CENTER Login CREATE ACCOUNT AI Assisted Trading In Forex, Stocks & Crypto. is an industry leader in the Artificial Intelligence assisted trading platforms. Get Started About Us Classic 31% Hourly For5 Hours $10 - $30 Instant Payment Premium 51% Hourly For5 Hours $31 - $30000 Instant Payment Register Referral Program We've structured our affiliate program in such a way that it benefits you as a leader while maintaining an efficient marketing flow for everyone. There is a better offer for BIG team leaders. Exclusive For Our Partners Level 1 3.0% Level 2 2.0% Level 3 1.0% Representative Program If you're a leader and have a team of networkers or marketers under your belt, then you may be a candidate to earn a higher commission. Contact us for more information. APPLY AS A REPRESENTATIVE Our Statistics 1Days Online 44Total Users 24Visitors Online $3703.65Total Deposits $492.90Total Withdraws Our Brief History Unbeknownst to the public until today, we've helped hundreds of individuals multiply their net worths. We're looking forward to increasing this number by the thousands, if not by the tens of thousands, given the chance to do so. Start with as low as $10.00. Guaranteed client satisfaction. Quick payments on a daily basis. Calculate Profit Classic Premium 31% Hourly 155% ROI Total Return For 5 Hours Duration $10 - $30 Investment Amount USD Total Return 15.50 USD 51% Hourly 204% ROI Total Return For 4 Hours Duration $31 - $30000 Investment Amount USD Total Return 61.20 USD Company Information FUNDDOLLAR We're quite simply a group of individuals who share the same passion in enabling other individuals around the globe, achieve what they seek most in life and that is financial independence and freedom. If you're one of those people who is tired by now in identifying the best and trustworthy company you can rely on, then you're at the right place. Start your journey without being anxious at all times whether your funds are generating profits at an optimized and safe rate. Efficient & Eco-Friendly Our AI operates within multiple hi-tech datacenters powered by renewable energy sources. Global Reach Our offer is made available to everyone in all countries. Bureaucracy does not exist with Pen-Tested Security Features Prior to launching our website, we've commissioned professional white-hat hackers for scrutiny. The Perfect Tandem We've successfully integrated a system where Artifical Intelligence and humans work seamlessly together. UK Companies House We're registered in the UK with company registration number 14983272. Your data is safe with us. We're fully protected from all kinds of malicious attacks and our website is totally protected by a meticulously set up firewall. Last 10 Deposits Kontelena $20.00 Oct 21, 2023 07:39:17 AM trev $100.00 Oct 21, 2023 06:19:13 AM bossbryan $200.00 Oct 21, 2023 06:18:54 AM Stm997 $15.00 Oct 21, 2023 03:25:07 AM Oliery $20.00 Oc...
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