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Official launch 26/09/2023 × 🚀 Magneticfunds Ltd is now live! Make an investment or refer your friends to earn more. For more details, visit our Official Telegram Channel: 🔗 Ready to get started? Sign up now: 🔗 Home About Support Login Sign Up Register Login , 'google_translate_element' Cryptocurrency Prices by Coinlib Maximize Your Gains Expand your investment portfolio effortlessly with a range of diversified opportunities, optimizing your returns. Support 24/7 Email and Telegram Support Powered by an Exceptional Customer Service Team. Strong DDoS Protection Bulletproof Your Online Presence with DDoS Protection by DDoS Guards. Trustworthy Excellence Globally Recognized and Regulated for Unparalleled Reliability. Create Account Login Welcome to Magneticfunds Ltd Magneticfunds Ltd operates as a private capital management firm, dedicated to offering our clients top-tier investment prospects. We take pride in presenting a valuable and promising investment avenue. MAGNETIC FUNDS LTD is a registered company in the UK with the registration number #15161935. Our Investment Plans Explore a diverse range of investment plans, each carefully designed to meet your unique financial goals. Uncover the ideal strategy for your financial success. Premium 3% Min : No Limit Max : Unlimited Daily For Lifetime Principal back anytime ( With Fees 8% ) Select Plan Advanced 4% Min : $300.00 Max : Unlimited Daily For Lifetime Principal back anytime ( With Fees 8% ) Select Plan VIP 5% Min : $500.00 Max : Unlimited Daily For Lifetime Principal back anytime ( With Fees 8% ) Select Plan GET STARTED IN QUICK EASY STEPS Step 1 Complete our easy-to-signup form on the signup page by clicking on this link: Sign Up Step 2 Login to your dashboard, choose your investment plan, and kickstart your investment. Step 3 Start earning, relax, watch your earnings grow, and withdraw. Seamless Cryptocurrency Investment Simplifying Your Entry into the World of Digital Assets Easing the Path to Cryptocurrency Investment for Beginners, Amid Market Fluctuations and Time Constraints. Innovative Opportunities Unlock growth in emerging industries. Responsive Support Get assistance at every step. Client Success Our advisors are dedicated to your financial success. AI-Powered Investment Trading. Experience the Future of Investment with Our AI-Powered Trading Solutions. Latest Transactions Recent Deposits Account Names Amount USD elsoa $50.00 maketriz $70.00 cryptotrading $20.00 stolz $150.00 bangke88 $50.00 Recent Withdraws Account Names Amount USD alex $2.16 karin2501 $22.99 miSHa2511 $4.79 ktiusk01 $10.00 Yoangomez $4.75 Earn 3 Level Referral Commissions: Level 1: 4% Level 2: 2% Level 3: 1% Security by Design, Trust by Default At magneticfunds, safeguarding our customers is ingrained in our core values. Trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with you, and we take it seriously. We prioritize risk m...
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