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Added: 131 days | From: 31 Jul, 2023
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Last payout: 16 Aug, 2023
Updated: Aug 17, 2023 | 03:28
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Create account MetaStake AUTOMATED TRADING SUPPORTED BY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Our proficient group of cryptocurrency experts presents an established and one-of-a-kind combination of methods, ensuring a stable and secure source of income. Become a part of our community now to protect your financial prospects through the advancement of cryptocurrencies. Sign in Create account Instant payouts Experience the convenience of instant payouts as your generated profits are seamlessly transferred to your wallet, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your investments without delay. Our platforms robust infrastructure ensures swift and secure transactions, guaranteeing that you can access your funds promptly and effortlessly. Cancel anytime As an investor, it is essential to have the flexibility to cancel your investment at any given time while retaining all the profits generated so far. This capability allows you to exercise control over your financial decisions, adapt to changing circumstances, and maximize your returns with a prudent and strategic approach. Registered company Our company is registered in the United Kingdom, providing us with a strong foundation to deliver our services with utmost professionalism and compliance. Registration ensures that we meet the rigorous standards set forth by UK regulatory authorities, giving you the confidence and peace of mind in partnering with a trusted and recognized entity. About us We are registered business Our team comprises a collective of like-minded individuals driven by the common goal of empowering individuals worldwide to attain the ultimate aspirations of financial autonomy and unrestricted freedom. If you find yourself exhausted from the endless pursuit of a reliable and reputable organization to entrust with your financial future, look no further. Embark on this transformative journey with us, free from the constant worry of your investments profitability and security, allowing you to embrace peace of mind throughout. METASTAKE LTD #14540770 Investment plans Standard 4.00% daily Duration Forever Minimum 35$ Maximum 999.99$ Commission rate 5-2-1% Cancellation fee 20% Cancellation delay Instant Capital return Advanced 5.00% daily Duration Forever Minimum 1000$ Maximum 4999.99$ Commission rate 5-2-1% Cancellation fee 20% Cancellation delay Instant Capital return Premium 6.00% daily Duration Forever Minimum 5000$ Maximum 100000$ Commission rate 5-2-1% Cancellation fee 20% Cancellation delay Instant Capital return Investment methods Bitcoin Ethereum Binance Coin Binance Coin ERC20 Binance Coin BEP20 Litecoin Dogecoin TRON Bitcoin Cash Shiba Inu Ripple Monero Dash ZCash Ethereum Classic Tether TRC20 Tether ERC20 Tether BEP2 Tether BEP20 Binance USD Binance USD BEP2 Binance USD BEP20 USD Coin USD Coin BEP20 USD Coin TRC20 ePayCore Perfect Money Payeer FAQ Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our company or offered services. How does the platform work? Our platform uses sophist...
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Plans: 4% - 6% daily forever (cancel anytime after 24 hours with 20% fee, 0% fee after ...
Min. spend: $35
Withdrawal: Instant
Ref. program: 5% - 2% - 1%
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