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Added: 62 days | From: 01 Oct, 2023
Working: 26 days | From: 30 Sep, 2023
Last payout: 26 Oct, 2023
Updated: Dec 01, 2023 | 05:47
Description (Legend):
Parity Level Income Forecast Presentation Get Started window.onload=window.onpageshow= ; /*! elementor - v3.13.3 - 28-05-2023 */ PilloFun : Decentralised Gaming #Unleashed /*! elementor - v3.13.3 - 28-05-2023 */ If you are reading this on any of your devices, that is great! This same device can unleash a way through a game that offers you a way to win and earn cash every minute! /*! elementor - v3.13.3 - 28-05-2023 */ Login Sign up /*! elementor - v3.13.3 - 28-05-2023 */ Trusted by over thousands of players across the world The Game Of Parity! The game of Parity which allows you to play with unlimited possibilities of winnings! /*! elementor - v3.13.3 - 28-05-2023 */ Read More A game of ‘Parity’ as the backbone of an ultimate algorithm where crypto aspirants play on a decentralised platform choosing to join either Red, Violet or Green, and then wait for the result to determine whether they win or lose.PilloFun is a relatively new gaming platform that was established in January 2023.The platform is owned and operated by PilloFun RTS Limited, a company registered in the United Kingdom with the company number 14598869.PilloFun offers a variety of game that are designed to be easy to play, even for those who are new to online gaming.PilloFun supposedly had to be PillowFund. The name resembled a decentralized way of earning by winning trades even when in bed and relaxing. We wanted to make money making into a win-win situation both for the game and the people playing it.We simply came down to PilloFun which has a parallel meaning yet a cool style as a view. The Rules, if you follow, you win! A set of rules designed to provide a balanced and fair way of winnings! The minimum trade amount is 2 TRX. If a player joins the Red or Green team and their chosen color wins, they receive a 2X win. If they join the Violet team and Violet color wins, they receive a 5X win. If a player joins a Number, they receive a 9X win. Players can trade on both, colors as well as numbers in a single trade. By joining the Red or Green team with the Violet team, will give...
Project conditions:
Plans: 0.8% daily and you can enjoy 2X, 5X & 9X returns on correct guesses
Min. spend: $100
Withdrawal: Manual
Ref. program: 10%
Domain Information:
Domain: Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a Registrar.eu
Period: 2022-09-02 - 2025-09-02 (Registered on 1096 days)
Left: 640 days
Technical data:
Hosting: Openprovider
SSL: R3 Let's Encrypt. Issued on: 90 days.
Ip address:
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