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Calculate profit 25% hourly for 5 hours 40% hourly for 5 hours Daily Profit: 0.00$ Total Return: 0.00$ Home About us FAQ News center Contacts Login sign up EN International Agricultural Holding Speedhour.one read more a. your reliable supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables b. green manufacturing c. large turnover of export to various countries of the world wheat soybeans peas barley official officially registered company #13026107 create acount social follow us: investment duration: 1 Hour Hourly profit:108% min-max deposit: $10 $30 108% After 1 Hour our offerfor investors Investment Offers INSTANTWITHDRAWAL Min. withdrawal: $1 Support 24/7make deposit 148% After 1 Hour duration: 1 Hour Hourly profit:148% min-max deposit: $31 $30,000 01 about company About Company information Agrarian industry is one of the most important components of any country's economics. Quality of life of entire population directly depends on the efficiency of agricultural produce growers. Owing more than 550 thousand hectares of land, Speedhour.one is committed to provide a large part of the population with organic produce. In our intensively developing world and with the rapid growth of the world's population, this sector of the economy will never lose its relevance. Speedhour.one is one of the leading agricultural companies in Western Europe, which specializes in the production and trade with organic agricultural produce that meets all international standards. Apart from agricultural produce, the scope of our activity includes its processing, storage, transportation and logistics. look more Part of our companies and enterprises specialize in manufacturing of agricultural machines and fertilizers for farming. -Accepted Processors Tether,Ethereum,Bitcoin,PM,Tron,Litecoin,Dogecoin... Let's see what kind of company is Speedhour.one. First of all, it's the following: 30 years of experience in agricultural business; Growing of the most consumable and high-yielding crops; Production, logistics and transportation of finished food products; Production of and trade with fodder; Trade with and use of the most ecologically-friendly crop protection agents; Land bank of more than 550 thousand hectares in 15 countries of the world. What it represents us? Company Advantages 02 Advantages I. Relevance of the agricultural industry Agricultural business never loses its relevance. Developed countries around the world widely implement innovative technologies into agriculture, which allows them to increase production volumes. II. Guaranteed return on investment High stability of the industry and availability of growing markets guarantee each of the investors a constant increase in profits. III. Good prospects and absence of risks The increase in population stimulates investments into agricultural sector and its rapid development. IV. Organic produce Our produce is grown in ecologically clean regions of the world with the use of technologies aimed at production of high-...
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