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Home About How it works Doсs FAQ News For DEX Log in Sign up Log in Sign up Get the first rewards within 24 hours after the deposit! Earn from 180% APR on your crypto Earn passive income by providing liquidity to the top 300 DEXs. Let your cryptocurrency work for you: use simple plans, and smart contracts will do the rest. Start now 4.9 Audited by: Top-tier DEX borrowersDEX We place Wixpool users' cryptocurrencies in the liquidity pools of 300 leading decentralized exchanges. Thanks to that, the exchange of cryptocurrencies takes place without delay, and our users receive rewards for each exchange transaction. Raydium Jupiter Beamswap Liquidswap BloctoSwap Sun Mento Pangolin Thorchain Tokenlon Serum DEX Serum DEX Katana Bakeryswap Dfyn Network Tokenlon Serum DEX Serum DEX Katana Bakeryswap Dfyn Network $648992 Rewards Per Week 450% Average Profit Per Year $11348700 Total Liquidity Provided 7348 Users Worldwide How it works We automate the liquidity provision, allowing private users to receive a stable income and DEX - to provide instant liquidity in all cryptocurrency markets. Here's how it works. 1. Lender The investors provide cryptocurrency ( tokens ) to our protocol. Deposit ...
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