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About us:
The monitoring service of HYIP - projects works for those who like to work in the pseudo-investment industry of the online market. Based on our extensive experience, since 2016, a special algorithm has been developed that allows its users to track the work of both a specific HYIP of interest to him, and the entire industry as a whole. Our tools allow for better market analysis and make it possible to minimize losses from participation. Our service is developing more and more every day and works for the benefit of the development of the HYIP market and this is just the beginning!
Deposits to HYIP projects in 15 days:
This graph displays information about the total amount of funds invested in the entire HYIP industry market over the past 15 days. Information about deposits is obtained from monitoring sites and other blogs that paid their RCB clients for an open deposit in HYIP through their referral link. Therefore, the figures are far from accurate, they are only a part of the total amount of open deposits in projects, but they provide useful information about how their overall development is going.
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